Looking for a Spa on Wheels? This Car Is It.

It's like a cabin. A cabin with a pair of big-screen TVs.

September 7, 2016 9:00 am

The first time I drove the sweet, sweet Cadillac CT6, I thought to myself “This is like driving the truth.” There’s a button for everything. There’s a 360-degree camera to help you park and back up. It’s wildly soundproof. It drives so smooth you’ll look down and — oops! — definitely doing 100 right now.

It’s fantastic. It is also — or so I thought, at the time — pretty much the peak of automotive luxury. Little did I know that a little Polish company would come to the table and up the ante in a downright gluttonous way. 

The Varsovia concept might not break necks at first glance. It’s fairly similar to the regal Cadillac Escala in aesthetic and form.

But then you open the door.

The car’s interior is guaranteed to ignite “Shotgun!” battles the likes of which you’ve never seen. The front seat has been removed, leaving a hefty amount of space for a rear-seat passenger to stretch all the way out. It’s a similar arrangement to the Volvo Lounge Console concept.

And that’s before you even sit down.

Each of the rear seats contains an extensive spa system that allows riders to control the heat, AC and a massage seat made up of nine independent sections. And should you find adjusting the settings too bothersome, don’t worry: a series of built-in sensors tailored to your shape and weight will take the wheel. And these sensors, well, they really do care how you’re doing — as in, they’re outfitted with a camera that can recognize your mood (or at least that’s the designers’ claim).

Did we mention it’s also an office? It’s also an office.

Work on the go with satellite internet and two 19-inch displays that fold down from the roof, each of which you’ll control via an integrated keyboard with mouse and tablet. When not in use, they even offer a transparent option for maximum cloud gazing.

The Varsovia is adequately zippy as well, with a 0-60 time under five seconds courtesy of a hybrid range-extender powertrain. And the entire concept will reportedly be customizable, from the wheels to the material to the trim.

Now, the pesky pragmatic part.

Varsovia has never produced a car before. They state they’d like to showcase a prototype at an international motor show — without specifying which one — and if the response is positive, they’ll put the swanky lass into limited production post-2018. Given the history of concept cars becoming actual production ones, though, don’t hold your breath.

Either way, kudos to the designer for not letting trivialities like reality stifle their dreams. And a second cheers for proving my mother right for the trillionth time: it is what’s on the inside that counts.

Via New Atlas

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