The New Pagani Zonda Proves Sometimes One Is Enough

The one-off supercar was made for a 'very special friend'

August 1, 2017 9:00 am

Pagani said they were no longer making Zondas. A statement that holds half-truth.

The manufacturer did conclude Zonda production to focus on the Huayra BC and Roadster. But lookie what we have here:

A one-off Pagani Zonda Fantasma Evo. How fun is that to say, right?

It’s not new per se. But it’s certainly improved.

Zonda (6 images)

A little backstory of this particular suparcar, according to Motor1: Pagani first churned out the ride in 2005. Then, in 2012, it was involved in a spine-tingling crash in Hong Kong. The car was sent back, where it was rebuilt and upgraded to Zonda 760 specs

Fast forward to now, the engineers took the car and upgraded it again, and Frankenstein’ed it into the glorious devil we see here. Full details are sparse, but we know we’re ogling a carbon fiber body, a new bonnet and one helluva large rear wing.

And if memory serves, the Zonda was equipped with a naturally-aspirated 7.3-liter AMG V12 engine capable of a 760 sweaty-palm-inducing horsepower. 

Quite literally reincarnated, “Fantasma”  — Italian for “ghost” — is befitting.

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