At Long Last, a Majestic Camper Conversion We All Can Afford

The road is calling, friends

November 28, 2018 9:00 am

The mobile movement has morphed into an arms race of sorts over the last few years.

What started as an exercise in smaller, sustainable, road-lust living quickly devolved into madness as carriers gutted vans and started implementing living rooms, bunk beds and ping pong tables. 

Ok, not those amenities precisely, but you get the point. Campers are increasingly over the top, and thus pricier than ever. Which is why it’s so refreshing to come across an option like Cascade Campers’ Ram Promaster City installation

camper (4 images)

Cascade Campers keeps matters abundantly simple. They only mod Ram Promasters, which you’ll have to procure yourself. Luckily, spick-and-span models go for $24K, and it only gets better if you’re willing to scour the abundant secondary market. (We found a slew of decent options here for around $15K.) 

Once you hand off your van to Cascade Campers (they’re based in Grass Valley, California, about an hour northeast of Sacramento), they’ll spend two weeks outfitting the thing with insulation, a futon that pulls double duty as sofa and bed, hidden storage, a kitchen with a sink, “fridge” and single-burner stove, and four USB ports powered by a solar-electric system (100-watt solar panel, 400-watt inverter, 75-Ah AGM battery). The only issue: no AC or heating, which could prove frustrating depending on how adventurous your travels get. 

The tally? $7,000. Making the whole deal about as pricey as a Prius, if you play your cards right. 

For more information on securing a conversion of your own, head here.

Images from Cascade Campers 

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