Try As We Might, We Can’t Hate on This Aircraft-Aluminum Electric Scooter

Under a grand, and handsome as all heckfire

November 19, 2018 9:00 am

If you read the news, or have wandered off a curb in the last year or so, you’re familiar with electric scooters. 

Cities like San Francisco are scrambling to regulate the new phenomenon, while cities like Austin already have a slew of one-word rental companies (Bird, Lime, Skip, Spin) runnin’ wild. 

You might, though, have wondered when you could bring one home. Ride-share commuting is useful but wouldn’t it be nice to crank on one of these somewhere a bit less … Frogger?

Enter: Inboard Technology’s The Glider, which just launched on pre-sale for a cool $999. 

glider (4 images)

Inboard Technology was founded by competitive kiteboarders turned Santa Cruz entrepreneurs Ryan Evans and Theo Cerboneschi in 2014. The name might ring a bell — they sell the popular M1 Electric Skateboard and once struck a deal on Shark Tank

Basically, they know what they’re doing, and The Glider is their latest solution to conquering “the last mile” ( … of your commute, though we say take the thing out for many miles, whenever). The 750W Glider can run up to 22-MPH, handles hills up to a 15% gradient and even comes with swappable batteries, so you can charge a few and not worry on those days you head far from the house. 

To pre-order one of your own, head here. It’ll help  you snag $300 off the expected retail price. 

All images from Inboard Technology

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