Tesla Is Now Taking Preorders For Its Semis

Reservations cost $20,000

Tesla Semi interior
Not the semi interior of years past, that's for sure.

In 2017, Tesla announced that its ambitions weren’t just confined to consumer automobiles. It was in that year that it debuted the concept of the Tesla Semi, which is exactly what you’d expect — an electric semi-trailer truck made by Tesla, with all of the design features and touchscreens you might expect. At the time, the Tesla Semi was set to arrive on highways near you in 2020.

That was not to be; instead, a host of delays pushed the planned release date back by a year, and then by another. But now, we’ve taken a step much closer to the Semi being a presence on the nation’s roads. As Autoblog reports, Tesla had begun accepting deposits on the trucks in question.

While the Semi is not yet in production, Tesla is accepting $20,000 deposits for it. Based on the information they’ve provided on their website, there will be two distinct versions — one with a 300 mile range (for $150,000) and one capable of going 500 miles (for $180,000). As Autoblog notes in their report, these are relatively competitive prices for the industry.

According to the specifications given, the Semi will be able to go from zero to 60 with 80,000 pounds of cargo in 20 seconds, and can travel at 60 miles per hour up a 5% grade. The question of when these trucks will enter production is still a big one, but this does seem like a significant step forward.

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