Tesla’s New Software Update Includes a Light Show Feature

Parking lot dance party, anyone?

Tesla logo
The logo on the wet hood of a red Tesla.
Soeren Stache/picture alliance via Getty Images

Have you ever sat in the driver’s seat of a parked car looking at your headlight controls and wondering just what you could do with them? While the possibilities aren’t endless, there’s certainly the potential to have some dance party-ready lighting if you worked at it for long enough. Apparently, someone at Tesla has thought long and hard about this, because among the features in their new software update is one that allows your car to turn into a stationary light show.

Gizmodo has more details on the feature, which was part of an update released on Christmas Eve. The update requires Tesla owners to download the open source program xLights, where they can create light shows synced to a particular piece of music. That being said, there are some limits — notably, that the music in question cannot exceed five minutes in length.

According to Tesla’s documentation of the update, light shows “works with all Model S, new Model X, and any Model 3 or Model Y.” It’s one of several new features included as part of the update, along with improved cold weather functionality and an improved user interface.

The update also includes an change to Arcade mode — now, Sonic the Hedgehog is a part of it. As part of a recent change to its operating system, drivers will only be able to play the game in question (or any others) while their car is not in motion. Much like a frenetic light show, video games are something best enjoyed when your car is not making its way down the highway.

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