Segway Tries Its Hand at Something Not Dorky: A Hydrogen Motorcycle

The Apex H2 is a bold vision for the future of the scooter company

Segway Apex H2 hydrogen electric motorcycle concept
Believe it or not, this is a Segway.

Segway has never been the coolest way to get from point A to point B, but at least its original product was memorable. That wasn’t enough to save the self-balancing personal transportation machine, however; after almost 20 years, it went out of production in July 2020.

That doesn’t mean Segway is done. In fact, not only does the company currently offer more traditional electric scooters, as well as vehicles like dirt bikes and mopeds, but they’re apparently trying to capture that elusive cool factor with the Apex H2, a hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle that looks like a prop from Blade Runner

There aren’t a ton of specifics at the moment as the unveiling took place only through the company’s Chinese channels, as New Atlas noted. (Back in 2015, Segway was purchased by Beijing-based Ninebot.) But we do know that the plan is for the sportbike to run on a hydrogen-electric powertrain, put out about 80 horsepower, hit a top speed around 90 mph and cost ¥69,999 (which converts to about $10,685 here in the U.S.). For comparison’s sake, Harley-Davidson’s electric LiveWire starts at $29,799. 

That’s a tough comparison, though, because the LiveWire is real and the Apex H2 is just a concept that hasn’t even been announced Stateside. However, despite the concept renderings and the lack of any substantial hydrogen-vehicle infrastructure in the U.S., there is one reason to hold out hope for the motorcycle: the Apex already exists. Back in 2019, Segway previewed a concept electric sportbike with the name, and it very much is real, even if it hasn’t gone up for sale yet. 

Will either the pure electric or the new hydrogen concept ever see the light of day? They’ve got an uphill battle against Segway’s reputation, but the bikes look promising.

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