This Ducati 750 Replica Is the Closest You’ll Get to the Real Thing

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, after all

September 8, 2017 9:00 am

Chances are slim to none that any of us will ever get our hands on an original Ducati 750 Racer.

Back in ’72, a 29-year-old Paul Smart rattled the world of moto when he dominated the Imola 200 on the now-legendary bike. Or it became legendary after that, anyhow. The affair set the pace for Ducati’s racing future, and the bike became an instant icon. See also: a very coveted and spendy collector’s item to this day.

But the Indonesia-based Sabotage Cycles is here to save the day in the coolest possible way, with their custom “Imola 750,” an homage to the original.

Imola (5 images)

The talented team at Sabotage started with a Ducati 860 GT that in many ways mirrored the 750, with its 750 I-twin engine and a very comparable frame. They then took to the seriously intensive task of forming a new tank and tail from raw aluminum.

Once the body was complete, they dressed her up with a Marchal fog lamp, Imola-esque exhaust and polished the whole thing off in classic Imola green (which is really more of a blue).

It might not have any trophies under its belt, but the Imola 750 certainly has us checking our bank statements. Let’s hope there are more to come.

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