Remember the Last Time Lamborghini Tried to Make an SUV?

It was the '80s. Forgive them.

October 11, 2017 9:00 am

Like many creations from the mid-1980s, Lamborghini’s LM002 SUV seemed cool at the time. Then everyone sobered up.

But since it’s 2017 and ‘80s nostalgia is way in, Lamborghini is dusting off the car once dubbed the “Rambo Lambo.”

To mark its 25th anniversary — as well as promote their forthcoming SUV, the Urus — Lamborghini’s in-house restoration shop fixed up LM002 chassis No. 12231 and gave it a new Countach V12 engine.

In a promo video of the finished product, all of the features that made the LM002 stand out from the crowd (aluminum and fiberglass body, four-wheel drive transmission, top speed of more than 125 MPH, bread-box-like design) are on display.

Some of those features, for better or for worse, may extend into the DNA of the Urus as well.

“Like the LM002, the Urus will create a new Super SUV class of its own, with exceptional power and torque, distinctive design and a very significant presence,” Lamborghini said in a release. “The Urus assures exceptional road-going dynamics, performance and luxury and like the LM002, has exceptional capabilities on off-road terrains, including sand.”

Although we’re pretty jazzed for the Raging Bull’s new SUV to arrive on December 4th, we’re equally excited to hear that Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne has confirmed that the Prancing Horse also has a four-door “FUV” model on the way, with a delivery expected by 2021.

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