CarHopper Lets You Rent an Expensive Car for the Day

It's like Hertz for Ferraris

October 20, 2017 9:00 am

You may love your car. You may hate your car.

Either way, it’s nice to slip into something new once in a while.

Enter CarHopper, the veritable Airbnb for luxury car rentals, which just touched down in Los Angeles after a successful round of investing. (UPDATE: A rep for CarHopper clarified that the service isn’t what you’d consider peer-to-peer. “With CarHopper, you’re not renting a stranger’s car — you’re actually renting directly from a local supplier.” We also updated our headline to reflect this.) 

You wanna cruise the PCH in a Porsche 911? Turn some heads in a Rolls-Royce in Beverly Hills? Head to Joshua Tree in a Land Rover?

Because we’ve got five of the flashiest available models, along with some marching orders on where to let them loose.

For Driving Around Town: Tesla Model X
Cost per Day: $481
Why? Because the Tesla uses no gas, you spend no extra money. Meanwhile, it’s crazy fast and literally drives itself.

For Camping in Style: Range Rover
Cost per Day: $786
Why? Because you fantasize about pulling up to Joshua Tree looking like British nobility out for a hunt.

For Driving Around Beverly Hills: Rolls-Royce Dawn
Cost per Day: $1,925
Why? Because people drive so painfully slow in Beverly Hills that you might as well be comfortable. Hire a driver and make some sandwiches; if we see you, we’ll pass the Grey Poupon.

For Cruising the Sunset Strip: Lamborghini Aventador
Cost per Day: $1,774
Why? Because you want to cut the line. This oughta do the trick.

For Cruising Up the PCH: Porsche 911
Cost per Day: $611
Why? Because you can’t surf.

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