Yes, You Can Rent an RV for $1 a Day. Here’s How.

Relocation rentals' are road-tripping's best kept secret

June 22, 2018 9:00 am

Given that most Americans find it difficult to commit to an Uber during surge hours, booking a costly RV for a week in the summer is far from a no-brainer.  

But thanks to a little insider intel from the The Points Guy — who recently ran a story on how to rent an RV this summer for $1 a day — there just might be a better way.

It’s part of a practice called “relocation rental,” and the catch is you’ll act as a fill-in driver for an RV company as they transfer an auto to a new location. While you work, though, you’ll have the chance to take scenic detours, test out the vehicle and maybe pen the next great road-trip movie.

Details on how to make it happen for you, below.

What are the basics on these relocation rentals?
You’re relocating an RV for the company, at a cost of $1-5 each day. Based on which company it’s for, you may be reimbursed for gas and given a travel allowance. There isn’t a special license required, and many companies allow for multiple passengers in the car with you … though there will probably be an added fee per person.

How do I find one?
Imoova, an operation similar to HotelTonight. In other words: by nature, this will have to be a spontaneous trip, since available RVs are typically claimed within a matter of days. A quick visit to the American listings posted right now shows multiple trips from Vegas to LA, Phoenix to Denver, Orlando to New York, etc., either starting later this week, later in the month or in the next couple days. A few listings on Imoova say they’ll pay $100-250 against fuel costs; it also pays to check the rental company’s own site for listings, as further incentives may be possible. Apollo, Cruise America and Jucy all apply.

So why is this even happening?
Rental sites overbook (especially in the summer) and they have to pull from other fleets. Hence the ludicrous incentives to move the RVs.

Stuff to consider before booking

  • Duration of trip
  • Can you add days, if desired?
  • The number of miles you’ll have to commit to each day to reach the destination on time
  • What type of vehicle will you be driving? Some are rather unwieldy, some are manuals, etc.
  • Extraneous expenses, including but not limited to: potential flights, campsite booking, extra mileage fees, extra driver fees if bringing friends, interior amenities like toilet paper and sleeping bags, liability insurance
  • Can you actually drive an RV? This might be important.

If relatively unfazed by that laundry list and somewhat stocked on vacation days (or possibly just desperate for anything that isn’t the inside of your “Is that gray or is that tan?” cubicle), head over to Imoova and get booking.

Main image: Winnebago

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