Porsche Is Wishing Itself a Happy 70th By Auctioning Off a Hyper-Secret One-Off

Say hello to “Classic Project Gold”

August 1, 2018 9:00 am

With what can only be described as intense automotive foreplay, Porsche has been teasing the public with Advent Calendar-esque videos featuring an in-production car each week.

The hyper-clandestine campaign, billed as “Classic Project Gold”, has Porsche counting down the days for its 70th birthday, all leading to an auction at which the automakers will release the mystery sports car into the care of a lucky, deep-pocketed someone. (You know, as one traditionally does for a birthday.)

porsche (5 images)

The first video’s entitled “The vision. Found and risen.” Thankfully, it doesn’t wander (as it easily could’ve) into pseudo-philosophical quotes, opting instead for shots of Porsche engineers sketching renderings and choosing from various chassis. The second video — “The refinement. Lacquer and laser.” — sees craftsmen spray painting hubcaps and laser-cutting them in a sealed chamber … before slotting that iconic crest into the very middle.

Speculation abounds on what exactly the car might be, though the line drawing reveals it as a likely 993-series 911. Whatever it is, the last of the videos is slated soon for August 24th, and the sure-to-be stunner will join a lineup of 70 Porsche vehicles being auctioned off in Atlanta this October 27th by Sotheby’s. We wouldn’t expect this one to be a bargain.

Follow the video drops here, and start saving for that auction.

All images from Porsche

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