Classic Porsche Owners Can Finally Buy Original Driver’s Manuals

Apologies to anyone who bought them for thousands on Bring a Trailer

Porsche recently reissued over 700 original owner's manuals.
Porsche recently reissued over 700 original owner's manuals.

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Say you want to buy an old-school Porsche, but it doesn’t include the original owner’s manual. What are you to do? As recently as a week ago, buyers were forced to scour eBay and Bring a Trailer, with books selling for as much as $13,000 for a ‘66 Porsche Carrera 6.

But as of Monday, you’re no longer obligated to drain your repair budget. The marque announced it’s reprinting over 700 original driver’s manuals, from the 1952 356 through the 911 type 996, and they’re immediately available for purchase at all Porsche dealerships. (The press release says a selection is available online at the Porsche Classic shop, but at the time of writing they’re not yet available.)

Even though the price points are low ($70 to $150), as CNet writes, “The automaker claims that the new prints match the original in terms of look, quality and content.” If there’s one company dealing in nostalgia where the reissue lives up to the original, it’s Porsche. Check out some of the authentic reprints below.

But the new library of technical literature doesn’t stop at manuals. Also available for purchase are “warranty and maintenance booklets as well as the overviews of types, dimensions and tolerances,” according to the press release.

So we’ve got the original lit in period-correct booklets, but for true, diehard, Porsche-enthusiasten, there’s still one thing missing. Don’t worry, they thought of that too: about 150 of the manuals are also available in German.

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