Finally, a Toy Race Car for Adults

We see your Hot Wheels and raise you a genuine work of art

January 13, 2017 9:00 am

The problem with that vintage supercar you keep tucked and covered in the garage? You never get to play with it.

Problem solved.

Playforever is an awesome new U.K. company that crafts replicas of iconic racing cars and fighter planes. You can call ‘em toys; the brand refers to their products as “virtually indestructible art toys.” And founder Julian Meagher was inspired by his childhood: as a kid, he’d scour underground car parks to peek at parked supercars.

Playforever (6 images)

For sale: assorted classic Midis, Minis and Endos … with a new batch of Vigilettas and Mavericks rolling out any moment. All models are hand-polished, finished with a glossy UV-resistant paint and child-friendly.

But hey, let the kids find their own fun.

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