If Your Yacht Doesn’t Have Its Own Pool, Is It Really a Yacht?

270 feet of pure, unbridled joie de vivre

June 7, 2018 9:00 am

Italian yacht designer Luca Vallebona knows a thing or two about pretty boats. His design for the Serenity won the 2016 World Superyacht Award and was nothing short of … well there was nothing short about it: it was almost 140 feet long, brilliant white and tiered like a gorgeous, seafaring wedding cake.

Maybe it was the win, maybe there’s something in the air, but Vallebona is dreaming even bigger now. Just look at his new design for the 270-foot Pentagramma. It makes the 145-foot Nadine from Wolf of Wall Street look like a paper boat.

Pentagramma (4 images)

Still just a concept (though with his résumé, there’s a chance it’ll come to fruition), the Pentagramma is a good deal less outwardly flashy than the Crest-white Serenity. At least at first glance, because of the lower profile. But the devil is in the details: heavy use of glass and moving panels makes the vessel at once private but also very open to the air and sea.

There’s a strong emphasis on communal spaces, as party boats should all have. Note the pool, of course, and the helipad, but there are surprises indoors too: a cinema, gym, sauna and plenty of safe access to the sea for would-be divers.

Only problem is choosing where to lounge first.

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