This Foldable Electric Bike Will Tow an SUV in a Pinch

It's strong. Like bull. Actually, like three bulls.

February 22, 2017 9:00 am

People call electric bikes many things, but usually not tough. 

Those people haven’t met the MOAR eBike. Equipped with a pair of four-inch-wide fat tires, the super-sturdy MOAR eBike’s aircraft-grade aluminum frame contains waterproof electric wiring that allows the bike’s lithium ion battery to provide its 750-watt motor with enough juice to tow an SUV from a standstill.

While the bike’s top speed is capped at 20 mph to meet regulations, its LCD screen can unlock that restriction and allow the bike to max out at 28 mph (for off-road riding only, big guy).

Foldable eBike (6 images)

Featuring safety features like disc brakes, LED headlights, turn signals and brake lights, the MOAR eBike has a nine-speed gear system from Shimano, a full suspension in the front and rear and an electric-only range of up to 50 miles or range of up to 85 miles in pedal-assist mode.

Currently available on Indiegogo in three different models priced accordingly ($999, $1,199 and $1,999) the 75-inch-long bike folds down to half its size for transport and charges in eight hours.

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