Morgan Updates Its Three-Wheeler But Thankfully Keeps the Pure Insanity

The new Super 3 may just be the most fun you can have on three wheels

The new Super 3, from England's Morgan Motor Company. The three-wheeler is seen here with two passengers being driven on the sand.
Tell me you don't want to drive this immediately.
Morgan Motor Company

What’s the most fun you can have on three wheels? In the U.S., you might immediately think about the Slingshot, the hellion from Polaris that looks like it’s about to hit the podracing track on Tatooine. But if you prefer old-school sensibilities when it comes to vehicular merrymaking, the Brits at Morgan Motor Company have a new three-wheeler for you: the Super 3.

Unveiled on Thursday, the Super 3 is an update of the Morgan 3 Wheeler, which was introduced in 2011 and discontinued last year. There are a number of significant upgrades to this new model: it’s the company’s first vehicle with a monocoque platform (aluminum, no wooden structure underneath as in previous Morgans), a 1.5-liter Ford three-cylinder engine replaces the S&S V-twin (and it’s covered instead of being exposed up front) and the instrument cluster is digital for the first time.

Despite all those upgrades ushering the Super 3 into the modern era, the vehicle blessedly keeps the main thing that makes it special: its pure, unfiltered insanity. 

The new Morgan Super 3 in a green livery with the number 03 on the side. A helmeted passenger is seen sitting in the three-wheeled car on the sand.
Our favorite design of the Super 3 we’ve seen yet.
Morgan Motor Company

A three-wheeled Morgan is all about contradictions: it can be done up to look like a prop from Downton Abbey with saddle leather and side-strapped luggage, but the company says you can clean the interior with a hose; it’s a completely ridiculous plaything but it costs over $50,000 (Morgan hasn’t released U.S. pricing but says it starts at £41,995 in the U.K. and will begin deliveries stateside later in 2022); and there are no doors, power steering or anti-lock brakes, but the five-speed manual Super 3 can hit up to 130 mph. 

In other words, Morgan is doing the opposite of most car companies. Instead of trying to build a car that will work for the most people, they’re building a car (well, technically in the U.S. this is a motorcycle) for the greatest enjoyment — and in an age when our automotive landscape is rapidly changing, it seems there’s a growing market for vehicles that prioritize pleasure over practicality. 

“​​Super 3 gives you a deep mechanical connection to the car and your surroundings,” said Jonathan Wells, head of design at Morgan Motor Company. “It takes the idea of adventure and escapism beyond just a romantic notion, whilst presenting a blank canvas for self-expression.”

Need a little more romance in your life? Check out the Super 3 configurator here and find the closest dealer here.

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