This Drone-Equipped Van Is Coming to Replace Your Postman

Your dog won't even know what hit him

September 9, 2016 9:00 am

From mail to pizzas to disaster relief, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before drones replace postmen as the primary “last-mile” couriers for all things delivered.

But it’s not only on-demand businesses like Amazon and Instacart that are getting on the action. Mercedes-Benz wants a piece, too.

The German automaker has released plans for an electric van concept that would act as a mobile hub for delivery drones. Dubbed the Vision Van, the vehicle would dispatch a fleet of drones from its roof so that a driver could stop at one location and send packages out in multiples, increasing efficiency, reducing emissions and (naturally) cutting costs.

The drone aspect makes it easier to deliver packages to folks who aren’t home, because the drones can simply place items in the backyard. Likewise, it can also pick up outbound packages.

The van itself is spaceship-slick, with a clean and shiny metallic exterior and LED framing lights that add a futuristic pop of color. The vans would be totally customizable to user needs, and there are plans to make a similar model for ride-sharing.

Of course, current laws forbid most drone deliveries in the U.S., so don’t hold your breath for these babies’ arrival.

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