Could Mercedes’s EQXX Change the EV Game?

This technology could make a huge impact

Mercedes EQXX
Mercedes-Benz announced an exciting next step in electric vehicle development with the Vision EQXX technology program.
Daimler AG

Last week, Mercedes-Benz made a bold announcement: it plans to go fully electric by 2030 (more or less). Nestled within that announcement was something that could have a massive effect on the electric vehicle sphere — namely, more details on what the automaker’s Vision EQXX concept car is expected to be capable of.

At Jalopnik, Bradley Brownell offered a prescient analysis of what the EQXX represents. Mercedes’s announcement of the EQXX notes that it will have “a real world range of more than 1,000 kilometers” — or a little over 621 miles. Brownell notes that this is the distance between New York City and Detroit; being able to travel that distance without stopping to refuel is impressive in any context. That this could be done on an electric charge makes it even more impressive.

Mercedes’s goal is a vehicle that can travel six miles per Kwh. And while a car with a range of 621 miles on a single charge isn’t necessarily as much as, say, the Aptera, it does represent a major automaker developing technology that could make some concerns over charging infrastructure less pressing.

Brownell makes another convincing argument in the article as well. “[F]ocusing on efficiency with a no-compromise approach has just as much of an engineering background as an out-and-out track car or hypercar like the Mercedes-AMG One will,” he writes.

Will this ambitious effort lead to widespread changes within the industry — and the auto-buying public? Going further on a single charge than you could on a tank of gas certainly seems like a appealing prospect for many a car buyer.

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