Travel in Style With This Vintage Mercedes-Benz Ponton Coupé

Yes, the trailer is included

Mercedes-Benz Ponton Coupé
A 1960 Mercedes-Benz Ponton Coupé, complete with trailer.
Mechatronik GmbH

When you think of Mercedes, the first things that come to mind have to do with the design and engineering of their cars — think streamlined, think efficient, think luxurious. Trailers might not be in that initial crop of thoughts — or in any thoughts you’d have about Mercedes, period. But a vintage Mercedes-Benz coupé now for sale via Mechatronik offers all the design hallmarks you’d expect from the marque — plus an eminently stylish trailer.

As noted by Robb Report, this 1960 car has several things in its favor. The Mercedes-Benz W128 220 SE Ponton was made by Mercedes-Benz for a decade, beginning in 1953. The version currently on sale features a sunroof and a 105 horsepower engine, and it’s only traveled 36,000 miles over the last 60-plus years.

If this sounds enticing and you have €119,000 (just over $131,000) to spare, this can be yours — though if you’re not based in Germany, getting it to you might pose a challenge.

What’s particularly intriguing about this is the trailer, which is one of 1,300 made, and — as per Robb Report’s article — one of only a handful that’s survived until the present day. Reclining seats, a retractable roof and a comfortable bed all round out the package, making any road trip that much more stylish.

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