India’s Beloved Mini Jeep Wrangler Is Coming to America

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March 8, 2018 9:00 am
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Exciting news for offroading fans:

Indian automaker Mahindra this week unveiled the Roxor, a handsome side-by-side that will be built in Detroit and officially sold in the U.S. And while the side-by-side category deems the off-roader not legal for public road use, it’s still a beaut to behold.

To understand what’s got gearheads excited, you must understand the history. If the Roxor looks similar to the original military-issued Willys Jeep, it’s because it basically is one, thanks to a license obtained by the manufacturer in 1947.

In fact, the Roxor is the non-street legal version of the Thar, which the company is currently selling in India.

Unlike many of the plastic-bodied vehicles in the side-by-side market, the Roxor offers a retro-happy steel body on a boxed steel frame. If you’ve got land to graze, this is a serious contender: it comes equipped with a five-speed manual transmission with a towing capacity of 3,000-plus pounds.

Yes, it’s a shame you won’t be able to take it out for an extended joyride. But as a new work truck or backcountry rock-skipper? We can’t think of anything more fitting.

No details on rollout yet. If you’re interested, you’ll wanna stay up to date here.

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