Is the Next Frontier For Luxury EVs Underwater?

Get ready for the Super Sub

Taking off-road vehicles to a new level.
Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash

Much of the conversation happening around luxury electric vehicles right now involves those that travel on roads. That’s understandable for any number of reasons — but it turns out that the array of electric vehicles out there is a little bit bigger than just cars and trucks. This includes the work being done by the Dutch company U-Boat Worx, who are taking the concept of personal submersibles and throwing in plenty of luxury touches.

At Autoblog, Ronan Glon covered a new announcement from the company. U-Boat Worx’s latest project, the Super Sub, is — well, it’s about what you might expect from the name. It’s a luxury submersible powered by lithium-ion batteries, and it’s capable of descending to 300 meters (just under 1,000 feet) underwater.

U-Boat Worx noted in their announcement that the submersible’s design arose from a custom request “to create a submarine capable of keeping up with large marine life.” It’s capable of traveling at eight knots when underwater — the equivalent of 9.2 miles per hour. That’s about the same speed as a manta ray, and slightly faster than a dolphin that isn’t trying to escape something.

The Super Sub is designed to hold three people — one pilot and two passengers. The submersible’s design includes a bubble in the front, allowing a substantial view of the undersea environments. According to Autoblog’s article, the company will deliver the first Super Sub in 2023, with plans for it “to form a core part of the company’s general range of submersibles.”

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