Think This Camper Looks Good on the Outside? Wait Till You Open the Door.

A living space this pretty has no business going native

July 29, 2016 9:00 am

On the inside, most campers look like, well, campers. There are only so many ways to arrange a bed, bath and kitchen into a space the size of a moving van.

There’s never enough James Bond or George Jetson in them, despite the fact that camper tech has really excelled as of late, with solar cells that power AC units, giant water treatment tanks and all other manner of next-gen off-gridding amenity.

But Lotus Caravans’ new Off Grid is bucking that trend, with a sporty monochrome interior that looks plucked straight out of a luxury high-rise, dimmable LEDs and a handsome stainless-steel galley included.

It’s got the solar accoutrements and dual 95-liter water tanks that are pretty much compulsory these days, but it’s the fully customizable floorplan that really sets this rig apart. Read: fold-out Weber grill, tons of storage, leather upholstery and soft-close drawers that won’t fly open when you’re breaking trail — although the heavy-duty shocks should take care of that regardless.

The Off Grid will set you back $50,000, but considering it’s like having your own home in an ever-rotating list of far-off places, we’d say that’s a bargain.

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