The Remains of Local Motors Are Heading to Auction

The auction, which begins March 15, includes several Rally Fighters and 3D-printed electric cars

A Local Motors Rally Fighter, a crowd-sourced car design. The company will be liquidating its assets at an auction in March 2022.
A Local Motors Rally Fighter.
markus941, CC BY 2.0

Earlier this year, Local Motors announced that it was closing its doors. Over the course of its decade-plus existence, the car maker earned a reputation for innovative use of technology, notably the crowdsourced Rally Fighter and an embrace of 3D printing. A shift into automated vehicles had a number of issues, including a high-profile crash in Toronto.

Now, Autoblog reports that the remaining assets of the company are being sold at auction. The auction is set to run between March 15 and 17, and will be conducted by Silicon Valley Disposition in Knoxville, Tennessee.

A host of notices indicate that all lots are being sold as-is. “There are no returns, exchanges, buybacks or refunds,” the site advises. The disclaimers also note that the client has final approval over everything, which suggests that you’re probably not going to be able to successfully lowball a bid.

That said, there are some one-of-a-kind vehicles in here — and that’s meant in the very literal sense of the phrase. What’s actually up for grabs? A number of automated shuttles, for one thing, as well as several Rally Fighters. The Strati, a 3D-printed electric car, is also represented in the auction.

More pragmatically, there are also several 3D printers and EV charging stations in the auction, both of which could be very appealing to the technologically inclined. Still, it’s a bittersweet conclusion to the life of a singular car company.

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