They’ll Definitely See You Coming in This Airstream-Grade Tiny Home

We inch ever closer to the Platonic ideal of the tiny home

June 21, 2018 9:00 am

The tiny-home movement has a quaintness problem.

As in: every new example on the market seems hellbent on adding more wainscoting, lattices and conservatively colored timber than the one that came before it.

Not so this mobile home from Santa Barbara’s Living Vehicle.

The aluminum-clad, six person model may catalyze mass urban emigration, with a bevy of offered space, not the least of which is an actual pullout terrace deck (accessed by glass sliding doors) perfect for a couple chairs, umbrellas, Cialis bathtubs … what have you.

lv (7 images)

The interior layout is arranged simply enough: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, in a horizontal fashion. But the attention to design and amenities make Living Vehicle’s option as livable as any tiny home we’ve come across. From the waterproof flooring to the kitchen skylights to the spa shower to the washing machine (not to mention a fully insulated frame so the vehicle can take you anywhere, regardless of season), this tiny home just put all its cousins on notice. 

Find more info about ordering yours (and custom building it, room by room) here.

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