Lightweight Camping Trailers Are the Biggest Trend in Outdoor Living

Didn’t think your Prius could tow a camper? Think again.

May 23, 2019 9:00 am
Earth Traveler

Turns out off-the-grid adventures aren’t kind to smaller (and/or electric) vehicles. Which is … what everyone is buying these days.

Thankfully, a company called Earth Traveler has created two futuristic teardrop trailers that are light as a feather, and available for preorder now. The Santa Fe-based company’s two new trailers both weigh under 300 lbs., and every unit is hand-built on the premises.

First, there’s the 250LX, which features a carbon-fiber shell and organic design that stems from “avian structure” — for your needs, that means it’s weatherproof, lightweight and aerodynamic, with pop-out walls on either side that resemble wings. Each one features a 46” x 48” skylight, two side doors and vented windows, insulated ceiling and walls and a removable foam mat floor.

The Earth Traveler

If you want a bit more customization and an even cooler backstory, steer toward the Earth T300 — a slightly heavier model built from, in part, a fiberglass composite concocted from chicken feathers. Add-on options for this model include a front pop-up tent and side tents, a UV protection awning, flexible solar panels, LED strips and a suspension system for off-road tires. A kitchen station option is arriving soon.

Earth Traveler

Thanks to the arched roof, minimalist design and underfloor storage space, there’s plenty of room to use both Earth Traveler models for storage (bikes, camping gear, etc.) or to snugly sleep four.

You can reserve the T250LX now for $23,000 and change, a 25% savings. The T300 is just $7,500. Remember, these are handcrafted, so it could take up to 5-7 months to get your preferred model.

Can’t wait? A few other compact, lightweight trailers we’ve dug recently:


Polydrop: A new polygonal teardrop trailer that’s part spaceship, part micro-apartment and part Instagram gold mine.


Pika: The latest teardrop trailer drop from Colorado-based Timberleaf, the off-road-friendly Pika is ideal for thriving in hard-to-reach hinterlands and towable by most small station wagons.


Droplet: Bright, modern and able to fit a queen-sized bed and kitchen, the Drop is just 950 lbs.


Escapod: A new trailer company out of Utah building svelte teardrop campers that can go damn near anywhere without skimping on creature comforts. These handsome husks of lightweight aluminum and American steel are built to order and perfect for places where hotel rooms (or, hell, even an RV hookup) are hard to find.


Mink: Headed overseas this summer? The Reykjavík-based company offers a mini — and frankly, absolutely adorable — teardrop trailer that will instantly upgrade any Iceland road trip itinerary, with a kitchenette, storage, room for two people and built-in wifi.

Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth: From TAXA Outdoors, this modular camper is the company’s most lightweight and rugged option, the TM can offer you up to a week of off-grid living, thanks to a built-in electrical system, water system and (optional) solar panels.

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