Jaguar Sexes Up the Electric Auto Game With the I-Pace Concept

SUV? Crossover? Whatever it is, we want one.

November 15, 2016 9:00 am

Jaguar is having a moment.

The release of the F-Pace garnered a 74% increase in sales for the company as well as a Bloomberg’s “Hottest Brand” award. And in keeping with said momentum, Jaguar just wowed the world again, this time with the announcement of their electric concept SUV, the I-Pace. Launched via a virtual reality exhibit in London and LA, the make is expected to become a reality, with a 2018 release mooted.

Best part: it’s pretty darn good looking.

The design is cab-forward, a combo of the OG Jaguar haunched wheel with more aerodynamic curves. And dropping that pesky petrol engine and transmission means plenty of room for axles situated at each corner of the chassis.

The performance specs are ambitiously enough to match the package they come in. The SUV will have a targeted range of 220 miles, churning out 400 ponies and zipping along at 0-60 MPH in just four seconds.

The two electric motors are situated between the wheels, which also means that Jaguar could shake it up a bit with the ground clearance and the interior design. Swanky additional elements are certain to be revealed closer to production, but for the time being, we know there will be a 12-inch virtual instrument cluster and 10-inch center screen. The verdict is still out on whether features such as the 23-inch wheels and micro-LED lights impressed in a panoramic glass sunroof will cross the finish line at assembly.

Regardless, Jaguar has made a serious declaration of intent in the luxury electric SUV game, which is a busy one: Porsche, Aston Martin and Maserati are all hot on the trail as well.

Just 90 minutes will yield an 80% charge on the Jag. But once it’s there, it’ll be charging head-on into some serious competition.

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