Jeep Announces Plan for Charging Stations at Popular 4WD Trailheads

The first 3 are due later this spring

Jeep charging station
The Jeep 4xe Charging Network in action.

Last fall, Jeep announced a bold initiative: the Wrangler 4xe, a plug-in hybrid vehicle optimized for off-road travel. What happens, though, if your offroad trip runs down your Wrangler’s charge? Turns out that Jeep also has a plan for that, and it involves infrastructure — specifically, charging infrastructure.

A new report by Joe Lorio at Autoblog reveals Jeep’s plan, in collaboration with Electrify America, to establish a network of Level 2 chargers at a number of trailheads popular with 4WD drivers. The first 3 locations for the Jeep 4xe Charging Network will be in Moab, Utah as well as California’s Rubicon Trail and Big Bear.

According to the report, Jeep and Electrify America plan to have more locations established by the end of the year, though they didn’t specify locations. Some of the charging stations will be connected to the local power grid, while others will operate using solar power.

Autoblog also notes that the stations are capable of recharging a Wrangler 4xe in approximately 2 hours. Station locations will correspond to trails featured in Jeep’s Badge of Honor app, which offers guidelines for different trails suitable for your 4WD of choice. Like the charging stations themselves, it’s a blend of high-tech and nature at its most rugged.

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