This Expanding Camper Will Turn Your Van Into a Full-Blown Apartment

The ioCamper accordions out to nearly four times its size

September 26, 2018 9:00 am

In the well-established mobile-home landscape of teardrop trailers and tiny homes, it’s rare to see a completely original, patent-pending option.

There are addenda to established ideas, sure, like a tiny home with a porch, or a rotting bus turned world-class surfmobile. But something that feels like an invention? Rare.

Enter the ioCamper, currently funding on Indiegogo, the lovechild of Hungarian mechanical engineer/family fixalot Tamas Laczko. Though a boxy and ordinary looking trailer at first glance, the io is capable of accordioning out to a massive mobile apartment four times its own size.

io (4 images)

How does it work? Start by inserting the box into a van; it’s small enough to fit in most standard vans, from a Mercedes Sprinter to a Volkswagen Crafter. Once you’ve reached your destination, you can either set the thing up manually (open the trunk, pull out its platform, affix it to the ground, etc.) or engage with the wireless app, which automatically unfolds each “room” of the trailer until you’ve got a full-on home on your hands. This video details the process well. While it took Laczko and other technical engineers thousands of hours more than two years to perfect the prototype, it’ll take you just 5-10 minutes to set up shop and enjoy the io’s interior.

As for what to expect once inside? A whole lot. Four beds, a kitchen, bathroom with a toilet, infotainment system, air conditioning … there are even solar panels hanging out up top.

The ioCamper has a month left to reach its goal on Indiegogo. Show them some love and help them meet their planned June 2019 production timeline here.

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