The Ideal Doomsday Vehicles, According to Car Experts

Your Ford Focus just isn’t going to cut it

April 28, 2020 9:06 am
EarthRoamer LTi expedition vehicles
If you had to choose one vehicle for the end times, would you go for power, speed, space or something else?

In Night of the Living Dead they had to rely on a ‘50s-era Chevy pickup, in Shaun of the Dead it was a Renault Mégane, and in Planet Terror a Blata mini bike came through in the clutch.

In the event of a similar doomsday scenario, chances are you’d be like Ben and Shaun and Cherry Darling, stuck with whatever vehicle is sitting in your garage (or in the case of the Blata, in your trunk). An apocalypse just isn’t something you can really prepare for, though that certainly hasn’t stopped a growing contingent of real-world disaster preppers from trying. 

But if you could take your pick of any vehicle to have on hand when the doomsday clock strikes midnight, what would it be? It’s one of those classic queries you’d pose at a bar over a few beers (remember that?). But instead of hearing people who don’t know what they’re talking about wax poetic about tanks and Batmobiles, we took this very important question to the pros.

We reached out to all manner of car and vehicle expert, from SUV reviewers to Hummer customizers to a Sherp dealer, to get their thoughts on what wheels they’d chose to drive them safely through zombies, flattened cities and even more realistic end-of-the-world situations. For impartiality, we asked dealers to pick something they don’t sell themselves. And yes, every single one of these is for sale.

EarthRoamer LTi expedition RV

EarthRoamer LTi

“Personally, my ideal doomsday vehicle would be an EarthRoamer LTi. It’s the perfect combination of luxury travel while maintaining its utility vehicle capabilities. Ford’s bulletproof F-550 platform with a bevy of bug-out features in a refined package is extremely appealing to me. With a variety of different floor plans and utility options, you really can’t go wrong. The guys at Earthroamer do it the best.” — Ian Broekman, Chief Innovation Officer at Mil-Spec Automotive

Rokon off-road motorcycle

Rokon Motorcycle

“So I can pick any vehicle besides the most capable off-road vehicle on the planet with four world records to prove it, that is amphibious, can’t get stuck, sleeps four people and can travel over 2,000 miles on one fuel up, is the number-one sought-after vehicle for search and rescue, overland expeditions, doomsday preppers, and has now reached the North Pole? If I can’t pick a Sherp since I sell them, then I guess I’ll go with a Rokon Motorcycle. They are the Sherp of the motorcycle world: two-wheel drive, amphibious and an absolute workhorse.” — Joshua Copiskey, SHERP USA Dealer

WaterCar Panther amphibious vehicles

WaterCar Panther, 2014 model

“I’ve been waiting to answer this question for decades. Anybody who’s seen a zombie movie would be a fool not to pick an amphibious vehicle. Why be a hapless victim trudging away achingly slow on a raft when you can just fire up this beast and be on the way to an isolated island in just a few minutes? Not the fastest water car ever made, but it’s nimble on the water and a tough cookie on land. It looks bulky but its maneuverability belies its size. The suspension shines in off-road situations, perfect if you need to take the scenic route getaway or if the roads have been blown to shreds anyway. Adding to that, its speed is 80 mph on land, just enough to get you a speeding ticket and more than enough to get you away from danger.” — Michael Lowe, CEO at Car Passionate

Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon

“As an illustrator, I have drawn thousands of cars, trucks and racers. But given the choice of any car in the apocalypse, I am going with the 1991-1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon. These behemoths are arguably the most reliable automobile ever made. They came armed with a reliable 5.7-liter LT1 Corvette engine, enough room to sleep, wood paneling on the side, and still managed to get over 20 miles per gallon. The second-row “vista roof” will let in air while sleeping in the back and provide a beautiful view of the stars. The 4,500-lbs. of American iron will plow through any situation without even the smallest dent. Sure a window or two may not go down, or a speaker might crackle when turned up too high, but it will cruise the empty streets till I am as old as the white-haired, cane-toting elder who first purchased the wagon. Modern technology, retro-grandpa styling and American V8 power — who could ask for more?” — Clay Carpenter, owner of

Rezvani Tank Military Edition

Rezvani Tank Military Edition

“In a true doomsday scenario, I would definitely want to have the Rezvani Tank Military Edition. It’s designed for defense and built for the road with impressive features like thermal night vision, bulletproof glass and body armor capable of stopping high-caliber weapons, underside explosive protection and much more. Plus, it’s a highly powerful vehicle capable of propelling you over any terrain. You can also get even more power out of it by opting for the available 1,000 horsepower V8 engine from the Dodge Demon. Other impressive security and safety features fit for a doomsday scenario include electromagnetic pulse protection, electrified door handles, a survival kit with military-grade gas masks, and strobe lights and sirens with a full intercom system to communicate with external threats. You can even deploy a smoke screen at the push of a button to help lose people tracking you.” — Liz Jeneault, SUV expert and VP of marketing at Faveable

Ducati motorcycle off-roading

Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro Touring

“In a doomsday scenario, you need to get where you’re going fast, you have to maneuver around fallen buildings and debris, and the road isn’t always going to be paved and smooth. The Ducati Multistrada is a high-performance, easily maneuverable, on- and off-road doomsday champion. It offers speed, superb maneuverability and a confident riding experience regardless of the terrain. You’ll have room for a few supplies in the saddlebags. Whether you need to escape or commute, this adventure motorcycle will get you where you need to go.” — Melanie Musson, automotive and car insurance expert at 

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