Flyer Miles

By The Editors
May 23, 2014 9:00 am

Electric bikes have a dubious reputation.

Most people think they’re for the lazy, or they’re for the ladies.

No más.

Give a chin-nod to the E-Flyer, a beastly new mountain e-bike from the adventurous lads at ICON.

ICON keeps it classic with a brushed nickel and Rocky Mountain-grey aluminum frame designed after the board track racers of the early 1900s — the grandpappies of the modern motorcycle.

A sand-cast aluminum housing in the main triangle conceals the 52-volt engine. In front of that: tilted handlebars encased in worn leather. Behind: a spring-loaded leather rump rest.

And yes, you can pedal this thing. But at 69 pounds, we advise coasting at 20 MPH — a nice speed for getting around L.A.

And you don’t even need a motorcycle license.

It’ll do 36 MPH off-road (just talk to ICON about that modification).

The throttle is on the right, the brake is on the left, and there’s a little red button for regenerative braking (recharges the engine like a Prius does).

After a quick zap in your garage, you’re good for two-to-three hours of flying around town.

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