No, Your Eyes Aren’t Deceiving You, These Hummers Are Crab-Walking

The new Hummer EV was spotted testing in public, and it’s glorious

A line of Hummer EV supertrucks crab-walking on a public road
You've never seen a truck, much less a supertruck, do this before.
Screenshot via The Fast Lane Truck on YouTube

When GMC first unveiled the new Hummer EV, an electric “supertruck” that will carry on the name of the domesticated military vehicle, there was one reason above all why we thought the vehicle was a solid buy. Now, after seeing footage of the vehicles testing in public, we may have to reevaluate our priorities.  

Over the last week, videos have emerged of a group (A herd? A band? A murder?) of Hummer EVs testing on public roads. Not just driving, but crab-walking. Just take a look at these two angles: 

What you’re seeing here is a driving mode called CrabWalk, which was one of the Hummer features teased by GMC in the leadup to the vehicle’s unveiling in October of last year. When engaged, it allows the vehicle to move diagonally at low speeds, as the front and rear wheels can be angled up to 10 degrees right or left. The stated intent is for the vehicle to be able to maneuver around tough obstacles when going off-road, in situations where lesser off-roaders would get stuck; while we don’t get that here on flat, paved roads, it’s still impressive and even a little bit eerie.

The most impressive part of this footage is that we’re finally getting some evidence that the Hummer EV, which promises a kind of real-life video-game experience, can live up to its claims. So far we’ve been limited to either computer generated or carefully shot closed-course video of the supertruck — which makes sense, considering these are a ways out from seeing large-scale production — so getting real-world proof is reassuring for people interested in putting down reservations.

The one caveat? CrabWalk does not come standard on every trim level of the electric Hummer. You’ve got to pay to play. 

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