This Refreshing Honda Mod Honestly Is Just Too Much Fun

If it looks like a toy, and it rides like a toy ... get one

August 26, 2016 9:00 am

“Unique and weird looking bikes get me going,” says Swedish motorcycle designer Marcus Carlsson. After seeing Carlsson’s latest concept build for Marcus Moto Design, we heartily co-sign that sentiment.

Using a 2006 Honda CRF 450 as a base, Carlsson’s CRF Tracker concept bike is a stripped-down model that’s been modified with an aluminum frame, carbon-fiber panels and 3D-printed parts in order to make the bike more lightweight and street-ready.

From the painting to the welding, Carlsson did all the work by hand in his own garage, including the installation of LEDs, an FMF exhaust system and one-off wheels from Warp 9.

In order to fulfill his dream of creating the “ultimate” street tracker, Carlsson centralized the bike’s weight distribution, installed a powerful four-stroke engine and even removed the seat.

“Every surface was questioned,” he told Bike Exif. “Needed or not? Seats are for touring bikes.”

We’re getting shirts with that slogan printed up as we speak.

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