This Is How You Restore a Track-Ready Porsche 935 to Former Glory

Looks what's lurking behind door no. 1 ...

April 27, 2017 9:00 am

The oil-stained virtuosos over at Cool & Vintage recently decided to take a break from their regularly scheduled programming — chauffeuring models around in vintage Land Rovers, mostly  — to pay a visit to the German garage of their friend and fellow adrenaline fiend Tony Vos. Birds of a feather, as they say.

There, Vos introduced them to his oh-so special Porsche he calls the Blue Whale.

Blue Whale (5 images)

It’s a 935 erected from a 1970s racing-special 911 RSR Turbo, a car that peaked in the ’80s at heats like Norisring, ADAC 1000km Rennen, Hockenheim, Mainz Finthen and the Bielstein Cup in Germany. Under the hood, she’s packing a 930 engine and four-speed gearbox, but the 911 figure was kept to shave down the weight. The ride is now being tooled by legendary wrenchman Peter Prosten of Prosten Motorsports, an ex-racer who teamed up with the illustrious Klaus Ludwig to work on the Porsche 935 that Ludwig used to claim the ‘79 Le Mans in a torrential downpour

Together, Vos and Prosten are expertly meddling with the Blue Whale in a quiet shop near Cologne. On the parts list: a six-cylinder 3.3-liter single turbo engine that should boost the ponies up to somewhere between 500 and 650. That’s double what she pumped out in ’72, FYI.

Expect it to hit the track some time next year.

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