The Michelangelo of Motorcycles Just Released His David, 2.0

Ciao bella!

March 6, 2018 9:00 am

Great sequels find a way to retain everything that made the original special while taking a few risks.

Enter Maxwell Hazan’s follow-up to his award-winning Royal Enfield 500cc, “The Musket 2,” another chrome-clad beast that revels in restrained proportions and handmade parts, the methods that allow Hazan to create precisely the motorcycles he imagines.

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And boy, can this artist imagine. Most of the bike’s weight hinges on the centerpiece, two fused Royal Enfield engines that combine to form a single 1,000cc V-twin. Surrounding the motor is a grisly labyrinth of a frame that wouldn’t look out of place several decades ago (or several decades from now, it should be noted).

The main difference between Hazan’s latest Musket and the original really comes down to tip and tail. The back tire on The Musket 2 is spokeless, while the front end is a more uniform one-piece bar.

Before you ask: no, of course you can’t buy it. But you can contact Hazan if you’re interested in contracting a build of your own.

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