GM Reveals Electric Hummer SUV and Chevy Pickup, With 28 More EVs Planned by 2025

The surprise unveiling came during an investor conference on Thursday

GMC hummer ev
GM is accelerating electric vehicle plans, recently showing off the Hummer SUV and a Chevy pickup.

A month after GMC unveiled the Hummer EV, its parent company General Motors has offered a sneak peek of two other highly anticipated electric vehicles, the SUV version of the revamped Hummer and an electrified Chevrolet pickup truck.

The reveal was a surprise Thursday night, coming during a virtual GM investor conference but quickly picked up by automotive journalists, like those at Motor Authority, who took screenshots of the vehicles as they have not been formally released yet. As the outlet writes, GM previously announced that the battery-electric Hummer SUV and Chevy pickup were being developed, but this is the first time we’re seeing the designs. 

Why is GM unceremoniously showing these EVs off? In short, the global automobile industry finds itself in an electric vehicle arms race, with many of them accelerating plans in an effort to develop the new technology and capture as much of the anticipated market as possible. At GM, we recently got news the American auto giant is doing just that — with the plan being to “launch 30 EVs through 2025 across its global markets,” according to last night’s investor event.

While many automakers are focusing on Europe- and China-specific models, in the U.S. we’re getting at least 20 of the electric vehicles GM is promising here, from sub-brands like GMC, Chevy and Cadillac

Will Americans flock to dealerships to buy them? That remains to be seen. But purely in terms of design, the Hummer SUV looks just like the previously announced truck, and the Chevy pickup looks much more like a normal Silverado than certain other designs out there.

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