The Off-Grid Vehicle of Your Dreams Is Here, Ready to Rock

It’s a make your own adventure truck deal

December 18, 2018 9:00 am

This badass truck you see pictured above?

You made it, friend.

That’s the promise of the the Missouri-based Global Expedition Vehicles, which will customize an adventure truck pretty much to your dream specifications.

Nearly everything is up to you: You pick your chassis, truck model, floor layout (dining in front, dry bath with separate shower, gear garage, etc.), interior finish and an array of upgrades, be it rooftop solar panels, outdoor kitchen, heated floors or  tempered security glass, among dozens of options.

Prices start at $198,000 and can go double or triple that, depending on how off-grid you wanna go. If you’re fine letting GXV take over most of the options, however, there are couple of 21’ bad-ass Adventure Trucks pretty much ready to go, available with either a RAM 5500 or Ford F550 truck chassis.

(H/t Uncrate)

Photos: Adventure Trucks/GXV

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