This Steampunk Café Racer Belongs on a Pedestal

What it lacks in horsepower, it makes up for in "hot damns"

September 2, 2016 9:00 am

Forget Oktoberfest.

If there’s one German event we’ll be attending season, it’s the Glemseck 101, an annual Berlin-based affair for lovers of old motos that attracts some of the most extravagant bespoke builds from all over the globe.

Taking the kuchen this year: Berlin-based Urban Motors’ rough-and-tumble 1964 Jawa 350. Minimal, industrial and unyielding, it couldn’t be anymore German if it were wearing lederhosen and sucking down a bratwurst.

‘Twas built for entry in Glemseck’s inaugural Essenza sprint race, wherein 16 teams compete with bikes limited to two-cylinders and 1200cc maximum. But aesthetics play as much a part as ass-kicking on this track: a panel of judges, as well as the public, will vote to crown the best design in addition to the fastest ride.

But don’t go holding your breath for the Jawa to tear through the finish line first. Urban Motors gave it the name “EASY” (like Sunday morning) for a reason. The bike is comin’ in not-so-hot with just 18 horsepower and will be up against rides like the BMW R nineT and Triumph Thruxton R. No sweat, though. As shop boss Peter Dannenberg told Bike EXIF, “Those who sprint slowly are seen longer!”

The EASY is paper-thin, with 23” alloy SM Pro rims, a solitary drum brake, no lights, no turn signals, just a touch of matte gold on the forks and swingarms, and Red Wing leather grips.

It’s not leaving anyone in the dust, but it’ll certainly leave an impression.

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