Folding Dirtbike Fits in Your Trunk … Not That You’ll Need It To

Don't let the looks fool you: the Taurus 2x2 goes anywhere

August 1, 2016 9:00 am

We may live in a world of infinite possibilities, but a world of infinite storage space, it is not.

Hence: a growing trend toward compact, modular, foldable everything, from TVs to canoes to apartments.

The latest example of origami-like construction comes from Russia in the form of the Taurus 2×2, an off-road-ready bike with 12-inch-wide wheels and jumbo tires.

The squat two-wheel drive motorbike is powered by a four-stroke gas engine that gives it 7 HP, a top speed of 22 MPH and the ability to overcome about a foot and a half of snow. It tips the scales at 205 pounds including its starter, battery and LEDs, and houses a four-liter fuel tank that can hold enough gas to give riders three hours of off-roading before it needs a fill-up.

When the tank is empty and it’s time to leave, it only takes about five minutes to break down the bike into a manageable collection of pieces that can fit into a trunk or the bed of a pickup truck.

In addition to leaving space to pack the Taurus’ super-sized tires, we recommend saving room for a helmet. You may not need roads where this thing’s going, but you’ll definitely want to protect your noggin.

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