This Carbon Fiber Kayak Folds Into the Size of a Carry-On Bag

The Justin Case Kayak is more than a clever name

January 31, 2017 9:00 am

It hopefully won’t surprise you to know the Justin Case Kayak wasn’t named after a Mr. Case.

However, it may surprise you to learn that the 5.7-pound vessel can curl into a 40″ x 5″ roll for transport and unfold into a 116″ x 26″ boat with a carbon fiber frame and a ripstop skin that assembles in about 10 minutes and can hold 300 pounds. That’s more than 50 times its own weight.

Fine-tuned and water-tested repeatedly over the course of the last year by Canadian designer Inna Morgan and her team, the Justin Case is durable, eco-friendly and safe.

Justin Case Kayak (6 images)

“Justin Case Kayak is made with the modern adventurer in mind,” the company says. “We are the generation of studio apartments and two door sedans. We are the eager weekend explorers of the outdoors. We respect mobility and value the environment. We like to travel light.”

Seeing you probably won’t have much room for beer, you may need one of these.

The kayak is currently funding on Kickstarter and you can get an early-bird deal on one for $530.

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