It’s What’s On the Inside that Counts

Zegna stitches it up for Maserati

By The Editors
September 3, 2015 9:00 am

 The old joke goes: In heaven, the police are British, the engineers are German, the lovers are French, the chefs are Italian and everything is organized by the Swiss. And in hell, everything is organized by the Italians.

To which we say: if that includes the place where you pick up your car and clothes, sign us up.

Exhibit A: Ermenegildo Zegna and Maserati, two titans of style — one sartorial, the other automotive — have combined forces for a new interior option on the latter’s classic whips.

Zegna first approached Maserati about outfitting interiors a few years ago, and after some product testing that involved a crash-test dummy taking 250,000 headlong dives onto the materials, they’ve come up with a trim option that is as sturdy as it is disarmingly handsome.

Maserati found that the ideal approach was using a 320-gram-per-meter weight of Zegna silk as a trim around the leather seats, door linings and ceiling headliners. (Zegna uses a 150-grams-per-meter silk on their suits.)

They first offered the interior as an option on a limited-edition 2013 Quattroporte, and they just announced they’ll soon be making it available on all models. As with Zegna’s suits, the label is discreet (concealed behind the sun visor). The trim itself is cool, comfy and non-stick.

And easier on the eyes than a Tahitian sunrise.

That’s no joke.

Image via Zegna

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