Elon Musk Drives Cybertruck to Dinner, Steamrolls Traffic Pylon on the Way Out
The Tesla Cybertruck was a hit in the Nobu Malibu parking lot. Then Elon Musk got in.

Elon Musk Drives Cybertruck to Dinner, Steamrolls Traffic Pylon on the Way Out

The SUV appears to be one giant blind spot

Elon Musk has a hard road ahead convincing people to buy the Tesla Cybertruck. The new electric pickup truck was unveiled last month at an event where the shatterproof “Tesla armor glass” windows shattered and the design evoked Lara Croft circa ‘90s video games, among other concerns. (Not to mention the SpaceX founder’s “pedo guy” controversy.)

What’s a billionaire mogul to do? Apparently, Musk decided an impromptu press tour was in order. On Saturday, according to gossip website TMZ, the Tesla CEO drove a Cybertruck to dinner at Nobu in Malibu, California. And at first, he got what he wanted — swarms of fanboys, paparazzi and diners wondering what alien ship had crash landed in the parking lot.

Then, on the way out — possibly due to the fact that the Cybertruck appears to be one giant blind spot, the lack of side mirrors or one too many sakes — Musk ran right over a traffic pylon. At around 48 seconds in the video below, you can hear a loud thud, which would normally make a driver stop to see what, exactly, they hit.


To be fair, it’s a harmless gaffe, and the Cybertruck is still very much in the testing phase with production not expected to begin until 2021. But if you’re trying to revive public confidence in a vehicle looking to disrupt the entire truck industry, it’s probably best to not steamroll random objects.

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