Anyone Got $200K to Buy Eddie Van Halen’s Custom Ferrari?

He reportedly bought the 550 Maranello to race against his brother

Ferrari logo on black sports car
What better way to start your Ferrari collection than with Eddie Van Halen's car?

When Eddie Van Halen passed away last month at the age of 65, the rock god received tributes from all corners of the globe and internet. For those who previously didn’t know the man behind the music, maybe you only recently learned that he actually patented that finger-tap guitar solo of his, or that he was a sucker for Italian sports cars (in fact, his personal Lamborghini Miura is the car you can hear in “Panama”). 

Today, we’re talking about another Modena automaker, as Van Halen’s personal, customized 2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello is up for auction now through Gotta Have Rock and Roll.

According to the listing, Eddie supposedly bought the V12-powered car in order to race his brother Alex, the drummer in their eponymous group. If you’ve been following them on social media over the years, that certainly checks out. Here’s Eddie and Alex after a race in 2017:

If you’re interested in taking the late Van Halen’s Ferrari to the track, you’ll have to pony up. The auction house has set a reserve, or minimum bid, of $200,000, but estimates it will eventually sell somewhere between $250K and $350K.

“The black 550 Maranello is equipped with custom wheels, racing seats, and a roll cage and was reportedly serviced by a Ferrari mechanic,” writes Car and Driver, for those wondering about the personalized elements. The magazine also notes that “Michael Jordan also owned a 550, which was seen in the ESPN docuseries The Last Dance.” 

Eddie Van Halen 2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello
Gotta Have Rock and Roll

In other words, if you’re the lucky one who ends up with this piece of music and automotive history, you’ll be in good company. 

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