Turns Out Commissioning a Rolls-Royce Is Just Like Having a Suit Made

A very expensive suit that could kill you if you try to don it

August 3, 2017 9:00 am

“Like a million bucks” isn’t just the way a bespoke suit should look, it’s also the way wearing it should make you feel.

A million bills isn’t quite what a Rolls-Royce will run ya — the new Phantom goes for about half that — but the same sentiment applies whilst customizing a Rolls from the British marque.

At the Rolls-Royce Commissioning Suite, each car is treated as a blank canvas and each customer is regarded like an artist who’s about to create their masterpiece out of an array of interchangeable colors, leathers and personally designed emblems.

Here’s how the process works:

There are 44,000 color shades available on the walls of the suite. Pick one and match it with another to see the potential two-tone look. If a customer can’t find one they like, Rolls-Royce will create a custom one, no problem. To make it clear they aren’t messing around, there’s a special fixture that emulates how the paint will look in different lights around the world.

Filled with a wide selection of different colored threads and leathers, the Commissioning Suit allows buyers to select not only the shade they want, but also the texture. Customers can select from anything from alligator to ostrich and then choose if they’d like the thread in the car embroidered with initials, a picture or a family crest.

Signature Coachline
Basically a personalized pin stripe that shows off the lines of the vehicle, each Rolls-Royce can be outfitted with a signature coachline design that shows a picture or motif relating to the theme of the car. According to the company, themes are usually based on the passions, indulgences and hobbies of their customers.

To hear and see the above explained in far great detail and in a delightful British accent to boot, check out this educational video from Goodwood Road & Racing’s YouTube channel.

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