DNG Motors is the Latest Automaker to Hearken Back to the DeLorean’s Heyday

They have a family connection to the original automaker

DNG Motors' Model-JZD.
DNG Motors

Earlier this year, an automaker following in the footsteps of the ‎DeLorean Motor Company in the 1970s and 80s showed off the prototype of its flagship design. Now, an entirely different automaker — which also hearkens back to the decades-old heyday of DeLorean Motor Company — has also revealed the design for its inaugural model. To be clear, neither of these are the same company — and neither has anything to do with the three-wheelers riffing on the DMC-12 that emerged last year.

DeLorean Next Generation Motors, who recently announced the design for their Model-JZD, does have a connection to the original company that’s relatively easy to remember — founder Kat DeLorean is John DeLorean’s daughter.

As Jonathon Ramsey explained in a new article at Autoblog, the company is still relatively early in process of bringing the Model-JZD to fruition — though “some of the original DMC-12 engineers will be contributing to this car’s development,” which sounds intriguing. It isn’t yet clear if the car will be electric or run on an internal combustion engine, however.

According to DNG Motors’ website, the Model-JZD began conceptually as the work of Angel Guerra and Allan Portilho, who created it with an eye towards imagining a contemporary version of the DeLorean DMC-12. The DMC-12 has inspired a number of vehicles over the years, and it’ll be interesting to see what comes next.

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