DeLorean Offers a Glimpse of Its New Model

People have been waiting a long time for this

Could this be the year we see a new DeLorean on sale?
DeLorean Motor Company

For years, the DeLorean has occupied a strange place in the American automotive imagination. It’s shown up in beloved film trilogies and indie rock music videos; the heyday of DeLorean Motor Company has also been the subject of several documentaries. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the DeLorean exists only in the recent past, however. Ever since 2016, there have been rumblings of a revival, with new cars produced under the DMC marque.

The company’s leadership offered an update to their plans in 2020, with DMC vice president James Espey telling Hagerty that “[t]here will be no cars produced under this legislation for at least a year.”

With that in mind — and the fact that Espey made those comments before the pandemic hit its full stride and sparked a supply chain crisis — it’s not surprising to learn that new DeLoreans aren’t yet available for purchase. But the date when they are might just be getting closer.

As Carscoops reports, DeLorean revealed a glimpse of what it’s been working on in a short ad released around the Super Bowl. This version, unlike the original, is fully electric — though its shape and gullwing doors are immediately evocative of its predecessor.

The automaker’s website doesn’t have much more information — just a place to sign up to get more information, along with some branded apparel. Could this be the year we finally see a new DeLorean hit the road? You’d think that this ad is a harbinger of something bigger; then again, there’s been a lot of talk of a DeLorean revival in the last few years. Hopefully we’ll all see something concrete before long.

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