A DeLorean Hot Tub Time Machine Is All We Want for Xmas

Keep the flux capacitor dry, McFly

July 22, 2016 9:00 am

It’s impractical.

It’s childish.

It’s a physical embodiment of our unhealthy obsession with material goods, Hollywood and cars.

And, oh man, do we want it.

During a recent episode of Super-Fan Builds on YouTube, designer Shane Hammond and his team installed a hot tub into the body of a DeLorean, much to the delight of any Back to the Future super-fan.

In order to complete the design, the custom builders gutted the DeLorean’s steel underbelly and carved out enough space to install the hot tub. Then the team installed blue LED lighting over the tub to create a glowing effect and also wired the car’s iconic gullwing doors to open automatically with a remote.

As an added touch, a quartet of 300-pound actuators were installed underneath the car to make the DeLorean appear to lift off the ground with a flip of a switch.

According to show backer Andy Signore, the senior VP of content for Defy Media, the Super-Fan team has always wanted to build the DeLorean hot tub, but never had the budget.

“So when we got the opportunity to team up with Verizon’s go90 and truly upsize our budgets, that long-lost idea was placed at the top of our build list, and it was the DeLorean ‘Hot Tub Time Machine,’” he told the Daily Dot

Then he hopped in the tub hurdled through the space-time continuum to check out Buddy Holly live in concert.

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