A Toy Car Built for the Teething Billionaire in Your Life

Anyone know how to get spit up out of Italian leather?

April 14, 2017 9:00 am

Kids these days have it easy.

They’ve never been forced to look up something in an encyclopedia, talk on a phone attached to a cord or spend eight months of their life wondering who shot J.R. And they’ve never had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get to school.

Not when the D Throne S as an option.

D Throne S (5 images)

Designed by Seoul-based Joongho Choi Studio, the electric D Throne S is a kid-sized take on an early 20th-century luxury automobile. With top-of-the-line touches like an interior featuring handmade leather and a gold-painted front grille, the D Throne S has space for an adult to hop on the back to take over driving duty as well as a fold-out bar to convert the car into a stroller.

With four-inch aluminum wheels, side LEDs and working headlights for safety, and a battery with juice for 10 hours of driving, the D Throne S is nicer than anything you drove until after college.

We’d wager the D Throne S costs more too, but you can confirm that by visiting the showroom.

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