This Custom Yamaha ‘Lane Splitter’ Is Your Get-Out-of-Traffic-Free Card

If the gap's less than 54cm wide, this bike can shoot it

June 6, 2018 9:00 am

If you’re an action-star protagonist, chances are you’ll eventually have to shake off some Eastern Europeans pursuers by just barely fitting through some inconspicuous side-alley.

If you’re human, chances are you despise traffic.

Either way, the custom Yamaha SR400 from bespoke bike wizards Benjie’s Cafe Racer is the ideal companion, an exceptionally thin yet high-powered motorcycle that can break through the narrowest of nooks and crannies. Aptly dubbed the “Lane Splitter 54,” the bike is a 2016 Yamaha SR400 EFI trimmed down to a svelte 54 centimeters at its widest, which the Benjie’s team accomplished by discarding deemed-superfluous exterior features like the tail frame, hiking up the rear wheel, modding the seat to flow seamlessly into the teardrop taillight, and adding wrap-around handlebars.

bike (4 images)

Those exposed parts all come together in an “art deco aluminum” finish, which is sure to leave behind an elegant chrome blur as other folks frustratedly tiptoe along the congested freeway.

Find more info on the custom Yamaha here, and on Benjie’s other projects here.  

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