With a Little Force, This Stormtrooper Jeep Wrangler Could Be Yours

Because the Dark Side has more fun

January 24, 2017 9:00 am

If adult you could go back and high five with childhood you, this would be the time.

Because this Wrangler Unlimited Sport custom job from Voltron Motors, coined the Prestige Intimidator, is here to make Star Wars fantasies a serious reality.

Listed for sale on eBay, the Intimidator has a wildly bespoke bodykit with a transformed front and rear fascia, a hood with a neck-breaking power dome, blue and white custom wheels and some smash-anything-that-gets-in-its-way off-roading tires.

Storm Jeep (7 images)

Additional specs include front and rear Fox Racing shocks and a 4-inch lift. Plus, you’re riding with Alpine speakers and an Apple CarPlay system with diamond-stitched leather for beasting in style.

Is it worth it? Depends on if you’ve got what it takes.

And in this case, that would be $59,500, more than double a run-of-the-mill Wrangler Sport.

Here’s to hoping the Force is with you. 

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